Urdu English Tutors

Shanza Abbas

Teaching Experience: 6 years
Degree: Masters in Chemistry
Specialist Subjects: Urdu and Chemistry
Other Subjects: English
Specialist Area: Life in the UK test
Native Language: Urdu
Fluent Languages: Urdu and English

UK Pricing:

Hourly Rate: £8 per hour
Monthly Rate: £70 for 10 hours

Kanwal Saba

Teaching Experience: 6.5 years
Degree: Maths and Computer Science
Specialist Subjects: Urdu and Maths
Other Subjects: English and Computing
Specialist Area: Primary Tutor Age 4-11
Native Language: Urdu
Fluent Languages: Urdu and English

UK Pricing:

Hourly Rate: £6 per hour
Monthly Rate: £50 for 10 hours

Ahmer Awan

Teaching Experience: 6 years
Degree: M.A English
Specialist Subjects: Urdu and English
Other Subjects: N/A
Specialist Area: Spoken Urdu
Native Language: Urdu
Fluent Languages: Urdu and English

UK Pricing:

Hourly Rate: £6 per hour
Monthly Rate: £50 for 10 hours

Faiza Noureen

Teaching Experience: 2 years
Degree: English Literature and Linguistics
Specialist Subjects: Urdu and English
Other Subjects: English
Specialist Area: N/A
Native Language: Urdu
Fluent Languages: Urdu and English

UK Pricing:

Hourly Rate: £6 per hour
Monthly Rate: £50 for 10 hours

Free Trial Lesson Contact Form

Online Tutor Pricing

Free trial lesson is around 30 mins.

Each lesson is 1 hour long.

Lessons are on weekdays (Mon-Fri).

10 hours per month is recommended.

Teachers hourly rate varies on experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I request a free trial with your teachers?
A. Once you have checked some of our tutor profiles and pricing above. Please fill in our contact form and we will be in touch shortly. In the contact form above, please mention your requirements including the subject and whether the student is an adult or a child. Please also mention any teacher that you would prefer. We can look at arranging a trial lesson.

Q. How long does the trial lesson last?
A. The trial lesson is normally around 30 minutes and the duration is decided by the tutor.

Q. How much do the online tutor lessons cost?
A. Please see online tutor pricing next to the contact form above. We recommend a minimum of 10 hours teaching a month to make good progress. The duration of each lesson is 60 minutes. If there are 2 students, lessons can be 30 mins each, but each session must be 1 hour.

Q. Can we split the 1 hour session?
A. No, the 1 hour session has to be 1 continuous lesson, however if there are 2 students, each can do 30 mins each.

Q. Can I get a discount on the hourly rate of a teacher?
A. Yes, we are able to offer a cheaper hourly rate only if 10 lessons are paid for.

Q. How is the lesson taught?
A. The lesson is taught by the teacher sharing his/her screen and then teaching the student on the call.

Q. Do I need a webcam for the lesson?
A. No, this is not necessary, as the student will see the teachers screen. The student will be able to hear and talk with the teacher.

Q. Can the teacher and student both use a webcam on the call?
A. This needs to be discussed and agreed with the teacher, as not all teachers like to have their webcam on during the lesson.

Q. Do I need a headset for the call?
A. For older kids we recommend a headset for the call, as the audio is better, however this is not necessary, especially for young kids.

Q. What subjects can your teachers teach?
A. Our teachers can teach Urdu, English, Arabic, Chemistry, Computing, Islamic studies and reciting the holy Quran. We have plans to add more subjects later.

Q. What are your payment options?
A. Paypal can be used to pay monthly or bank transfer to our UK business bank account.

Q. What is the easiest way to pay for online lessons?
A. The quickest and easiest way is using Paypal, we simply send you a payment request and you pay via Paypal.

Q. Why is the USA pricing different to the UK pricing?
A. This is due to the exchange rate which varies and also currency conversion fees if you decide to pay using USD ($) instead of GBP (£).

Q. What happens if I miss my online lesson?
A. If possible, please let the teacher know beforehand of any issues. The lesson should be caught up, when both you and the teacher are free.

Q. What happens if my online teacher misses a lesson?
A. The online teacher should let you know beforehand of any issues, to rearrange the lesson. However this isn't always possible. The lesson should be caught up when both the student and the teacher are free. If possible, the next lesson is often longer to catchup the missed lesson.

Q. Do you have any native English speaking teachers from the UK?
A. Yes, we do however the hourly rate for these teachers, start from around £20 an hour. Please let us know if you require a native English speaker to teach you.

Q. What does Fully booked by a teachers name mean?
A. This means that the teacher is currently not able to take on any more students, as they have enough students to teach. Also, due to the current global pandemic, not all our teachers are able to work as many hours, due to other commitments e.g. family.

Q. What is the minimum number of hours I can select?
A. The minimum number of hours we allow is 5 hours per month and this will be at the hourly rate of the teacher.

Q. What if I only need a few e.g. 5 online lessons a month, is this possible?
A. Yes, each online lesson will be the hourly rate for the teacher e.g. £6 per hour. For example 5x£6, would be £30 per month, for 5 online lessons. The lessons will need to be paid for in advance, except the first trial lesson for around 30 mins which will be free.

Q. What software do I need to be able to take a lesson?
A. You will need to use a web conferencing program, the most common are Skype and Zoom. Please let us know your Skype / Zoom ID and we can arrange a free trial lesson.

Q. What if I don't have any web conferencing software installed, can I still take lessons?
A. Yes, our tutors can use a browser based web conferencing program like Jitsi Meet to teach, so you don't have to install anything on your computer. They can send you a link to join the meeting.

Q. Do you have any more teachers available, as I cannot find a teacher needed for a particular subject?
A. Yes, we have lots more teachers available, please let us know your requirements and we will try to find you a suitable teacher.