Life in the United Kingdom - A Guide for New Residents 3rd Edition

All our sample questions will be broken down into the 5 chapters that are used in the official handbook.

Chapter 1: The values and principles of the UK questions

Contains questions about the values and principles of the UK, becoming a permanent resident and how to take the Life in the UK test.

Chapter 2: What is the UK? questions

Includes questions about the different parts of the British Isles which include England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Chapter 3: A long and illustrious history questions

Questions include important historical events and people. These start from early Britain and include the middle ages up until 2010.

Chapter 4: A modern, thriving society questions

This section consists of the various aspects of what life is like in the UK. This includes religion, customs and traditions, sports and places.

Chapter 5: The UK government, the law and your role questions

The final chapter contains how the democratic system affects the community. This includes content abouut democracy, government and laws.

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