Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do we contact you for a free quote?
A. Please fill out our simple contact form. We usually reply within 12-24 hours.

Q. How much do you charge for translating a document?
A. Our default price is £25 per page, which has up to 400 words. However if the document has more than 400 words per page, or is hard to read/complex or if it needs to be in a certain layout, the price will be higher.

Q. How quick can you get the translation done?
A. We can usually deliver most translations within 48-72 hours. If the document is complex or has 5 or more pages it can take longer.

Q. Do you also offer proof reading of documents?
A. Yes, we are able to proof read a variety of documents and provide corrections where necessary. Our default proof reading price is £10 per page.

Q. Do you have an example of a document that your team has created that contains both Urdu and English?
A. Yes, we have created a sample beginner Urdu English PDF document, which you can download.

Q. Can you convert Urdu documents written in Inpage?
A. Yes, we can write the Urdu for you in a variety of file formats including .DOC, .DOCX, PDF and other formats.

Q. I have a PDF document written in Urdu, can you help translate it to English?
A. Yes, our team of professional translators can help with writing the document in English in a variety of file formats.

Q. What are your payment options?
A. Paypal can be used to pay or bank transfer to our UK business bank account.

Q. Do you have any examples of any translation that your team has done?
A. Yes, we have over 100 webpages on our website, all of which have translation of large numbers of words. Please check some our beginner/intermediate lessons.

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