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Download PDF

Please visit our download PDF page, where you will find our beginner PDF, which you can use to view our lessons offline.
It can also be printed.
The PDF contains over 30 lessons including numbers, colours, days of the week, fruits and vegetables.

Online Tutor

Our team of Urdu English teachers can help with providing you or your child daily online lessons.
We cover a number of topics including improving reading, grammar and speaking in both English and Urdu.
We also have teachers who can help with reading and memorising the Holy Quran.


We now offer a translation service where our team of professional translators can translate your document from Urdu to English or vice versa. We can easily create Microsoft Word documents using Urdu Inpage or PDF documents.

Exam Preparation

Our team of Urdu English teachers can help you or your child pass a number of exams. This includes help with passing GCSE Urdu, the UK driving test or Life in the UK test. We also provide some useful free information about the tests, including sample questions and hints.